Liliko is a vocalist for AIsingers. Most information pertaining to her is listed as "谜" (riddle).

History[edit | edit source]

Liliko was originally a vocalist for the software MUTA. She was restricted to the app version of MUTA, making her voice inaccessible to foreigners.

The MUTA 3.0 voicebank that was in development seems to have been repurposed for Liliko's AIsingers version.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Liliko's Chinese name is "Liuli", which is a Chinese word. The first part, "琉" (liu) means "precious stone". The second part, "璃" (li), can refer to colored glaze or glass. 琉璃 can refer to glazed tile, but is likely used in Liliko's name to mean "colored glass". She is listed to be associated with "琉璃珠" (liuli zhu), or glass beads.

Demonstrations[edit | edit source]



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